Some Video Zines

December 2021, Telephone Hills

A rumination on my great grandfather and my family's culpability in fossil-fuel-driven climate change, and an effort to find my place in that. Part of a larger project with it's own page here

April 2020, Notable Holes

Featuring Alison Jean Cole, Lisa Ward, Cari Carmean, Elisabeth Nicula, Ted (T)Rager, Melissa Sakal, Lilo, Max Carmean, Searles Valley Minerals, Michael Heizer (?), Navy Baby, Albermarle Lithium, Anchor Bay Amateur Radio Club (ABARC), Searles Lake Gem and Mineral Society, Hard Luck Mine and Castle, Union Pacific Railroad, Manzanar Concentration Camp National Historic Site, Fallon Naval Air Station Ranges, Lunar Crater, Delights Hot Springs, The Bacon Strip and more...

May 2017, Green River

Featuring Milan Kundera, Burlington Northern Railroad, The Desert Moon Hotel, Crystal Geyser, Chas Macquarie, Anne Macquarie, Sheep, Hot Springs Hill, The Cold War, The Black Pyramid, Trestle, Consumers (Utah), Epicenter, MySpace, Ursula LeGuin, etc.

Riders of Dissonant Worlds (New York City, Portland, etc.)

Featuring Nick Makanna, Josh Freydkis, Crossett Freilinger, Erik Tonkin, and Xasthur.

* * *