Writing and Other Research

A selection of some recent writing, professional, and scholarly research projects that I have worked on.

* * *

I wrote an essay on #notableholes and the porosity of the barrier between the past, the present, and the future in Wolfman New Life Quarterly.

///Read the essay.

I co-authored an article on methods of archival-description for born-digital cultural heritage materials geared towards increasing usability of collections and computational literacy of historical researchers. This article was written with my brilliant colleagues Shira Peltzman, Annalise Berdini, and Kate Tasker.

///Read the article.

I was an archivist on the project team digitizing and making available hundreds of thousands of documents from the World War II incarceration of Japanese Americans in concentration camps. This work was heavy, but it feels important that this documentation is out in the world.

///See the project and the documents.

I was the editor for vol. 2 of the Greenhorns' New Farmers Almanac. I can't even describe all the different kinds of work this entailed, but it was a joy and an illumination.

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I edited and helped to write the Greenhorns Maine-i-festa. This manifesta was compiled to support the journey of Maine Sail Freight re-establishing the routes of sail trade up the eastern seaboard to envision usable futures post-climate collapse.

///Read the Maine-i-festa (might take a long time to load).

I put together some collage pieces for both volumes 1 and 2 of the Living Room Light Exchange book, on permanence and impermanence of physical media materials and on the physical resources and governmental regime manipulations necessary for their creation.

///Check out the publication.

I co-authored the University of California Guidelines for Born-Digital Archival Description. If you're not an archivist, this work is probably boring as hell, but for those of us who need to normalize the way in which we provide researchers with access to our digital archival collections this was a really important and fulfilling project. This was another project completed with my brilliant colleagues Shira Peltzman, Annalise Berdini, and Kate Tasker.

///Read the Guidelines on GitHub or read a pdf version on eScholarship.

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